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David haye vs mark de mori

david haye vs mark de mori

David Haye vs. Mark De Mori. Gefällt 18 Mal. Welcome to David Haye vs. Mark De Mori Fight. Watching All games on Comfortable on PC, Laptop. Jan. Der frühere Weltmeister David Haye hat nach zwei Jahren Auszeit eine Der Hayemaker besiegte Mark de Mori nach weniger als drei. Jan. Das Duell lautete also gestern Abend David Haye vs. Mark de Mori und es ging nicht lange gut für den Australier. David Haye hat sich bereits.

David Haye Vs Mark De Mori Video

Mix - David Haye vs Mark de Mori

David Haye says he has been setting two-hourly alarms to remind himself to eat as he bulks up for his return against Mark de Mori on Saturday.

The former WBA heavyweight champion fights the little-known Australian three and a half years after his last fight - a victory over Dereck Chisora.

Since that night, owing to a hand injury, a cut eye and a career-threatening shoulder injury, Haye has twice withdrawn from fights with Tyson Fury and another date with Manuel Charr, and in announced he had been advised to retire.

In advance of his comeback, he has also switched his trainer from Adam Booth to Shane McGuigan, while deciding that his former strategy to be as light as possible was flawed.

That's all well and good, but when you're cutting weight down so low, and sparring big guys, I get injured. I'm more ripped than [De Mori] though.

The year-old Perth-born boxer's last defeat came in , and 26 of his 29 victories have been via knockout.

In his own words, De Mori has "gone from a self-trained guy in my dad's garage with my wife wiping blood from my face to being properly trained".

He says he will not be relying on Haye breaking down injured, and will instead look for victory via a knockout. Champions List Boxing Home.

David Haye v Mark de Mori: Haye started by flicking out the jab, then threw a left-right, as he stalked and walked Australian De Mori down.

He went for a combination of head and body shot soon afterwards, wobbling De Mori. Then missed with a huge right hand. De Mori seemed overawed, a victim of Haye's speed and power.

And maybe the occasion. When De Mori attacked himself, finally, Haye landed a counter right hand. All over inside two minutes.

De Mori immediately went down, interrupted only by getting tangled in the ropes, and the referee was straight in to wave the comeback kid away.

Some final reminders of the rules and we're off. Haye is immediately on the front foot - De Mori tries a huge, telegraphed right hand but Haye's combinations are already getting through.

Lefts and rights hammer the Australian's body and a huge right hook sends him on to the ropes Haye takes his time, regardless of the ring announcer's urgency.

So mrdavidhaye really enjoying his walk to the ring soaking it up like he was always renowned for It is jam packed here at the 02 Arena - we await mrdavidhaye - view from my seat pic.

Why did we ever doubt that David Haye had ever stopped being Box Office? The O2 Arena is humming and there are 16, fans in here.

New type of promotion. This was David Haye in , shortly after he'd pulled out of a showdown with Tyson Fury - now heavyweight world champion.

Over two years later, Haye reflected on the shoulder injury that threatened to put him in permanent retirement. I feel lucky to have it back and to say I want to make the most of it is a huge understatement.

The surgery I had was on the subscapularis and the long head of the biceps which are both crucial for punching. The ligaments detached so they had to reattach them.

No pigs ligament or anything dodgy. Haye also laid bare the catalogue of injuries which beset him. But I still managed to perform.

I only ever did 60 per cent of the scheduled sessions that I was supposed to have done. That fitness has meant a new approach, a new day, a new Haye.

I do it by listening to my body. The acid test, albeit against a journeyman, will come on Saturday night, of course. McGuigan also believes that Anthony Joshua will be steered away from a fight with Haye by promoter Eddie Hearn, at least this year, and that Tyson Fury will agree to face Haye again if the stars align.

David Haye faces Mark de Mori in his comeback fight. McGuigan, who is working with his first heavyweight, told The Daily Telegraph: He only does it because he wants to get in this position, fight week.

We have to compromise. They just do what you say. David Haye lost the use of one of his arms. This is the first heavyweight I have worked with.

I was concerned when Haye first came to me. But we were honest. One thing led to another and he just got the right treatments at the right time, did the right training at the right time, and just took it step by step and day by day.

Two months into the training we decided to get a date to fight. There are lots of things that have been challenging. So far, so fathomable.

Haye's taking on the durable, reasonably-ranked Mark de Mori as his first opponent in three-and-a-half years. Again, not the sort of Saturday-night prospect that boxing hasn't seen before.

Where we are breaking new ground tonight, however, is that Haye's latest big moment is being broadcast on Dave.

Tonight's undercard, therefore, is a double-bill of Traffic Cops followed by a celebrity special episode of Storage Hunters UK.

As our man Jim White writes, however, there is nothing funny about David Haye's punchline here. Just as the British heavyweight division is sparked into life by the success of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, the joke contender is back.

David Haye weighs in for his comeback fight against Mark de Mori at the O2. Nearly four years on the sidelines since he beat Dereck Chisora in his last bout seem to have altered his perspective.

Now, at 35, without having thrown a punch in anger for longer than many a professional career lasts, he thinks he is perfectly attuned to step back once more into the most unforgiving of work places.

To be fair to Haye, he never officially announced his retirement. He just stopped boxing, the catalogue of injuries that had stalked the latter part of his career curtailing his programme after he was obliged to pull out of a scrap with Fury.

Instead he took up a lucrative second trade in reality television. He gave every impression of a man who had come to terms with the inevitable corrosions of chronology.

But it has long been a truth of his sport that the last thing that declines in a boxer is his pride. He has seen Fury become world champion and told himself:

Ich war ganz erstaunt dass der Kampf nicht in Zeitlupe ablief. Wie wird nach diesem erfolgreichen Wiedereinstieg der weitere Karriereweg von David Haye verlaufen? Haye hat drei Jahre Pause gemacht und eigentlich Beste Spielothek in Leiferde finden rundum seine Boxwelt erneuert. Mark De Mori Fight. Lennox Lewis hatte seiner Zeit gegen Hasim Rahman verloren, aber ich sehe das casino zollverein preise als Problem an und würde auch nicht Qualität eines Boxers daran bemessen, ob er schon einmal KO war. Für einen ersten Kampf nach 3,5 Jahren ist das auf jeden Fall eine gute Wahl. David Haye feierte seinen Sieg überschwänglich im Ring. Fury nur weil er Glasskinn geschlagen hat Novomatic Casino - Best Online Casinos with Novomatic Slots nicht viel von ihm eigentlich wuerde ich lieber Casino no deposit code auf 5 setzen. Er sollte nicht im Ring stehen. Haye stellte ihn an den Ringseilen in Nähe der neutralen Ecke, deckte ihn mit variablen Schlagkombinationen ein und beendete den Betsocial casino mit einem linken Aufwärtshaken. Michael Smolik gewinnt und verteidigt seinen Titel. Aber ich möchte ihm nichts unterstellen. Was viele in Haye sehen ist abenteuerlich. Wer Tempo machte, die schnelle Entscheidung suchte und nach knapp 2 Minuten auch fand, war David Haye. Einen solchen Kampf braucht niemand! David Haye is back! Michael Smolik gewinnt und verteidigt seinen Titel.

De Mori was shown to be the journeyman he is as the Aussie made the short journey to the canvas.

Referee Robert Williams did not even bother to count and instead waved the contest off after two minutes and 11 seconds. Haye relished his triumph and the huge grin on his face as he stood on the apron, showed how much he loves being back.

The former WBA heavyweight King, who now has 25 stoppages in his 27 wins, wants more of this after this appetiser and the question is where does he go next?

He called him out again from the ring, saying: That would get me up. He can also forget about finally fighting Tyson Fury and the world heavyweight king is adamant he will not give him a pay day after he twice pulled out of contests against him.

The only other option for Haye is to try and earn a world title shot by getting ranked in the top 10 by the four main governing bodies.

Around 16, people were at the O2 to see his comeback, which was commendable, bearing in mind he did not have the Sky publicity machine behind him.

The bottom line is, he generates a healthy bottom line when he fights and that is a very powerful incentive for anyone to fight him. After nearly four years out of the ring, David Haye is understandably pleased with his comeback performance.

The year-old puncher has re-established himself as one of the must-watch names in the heavyweight division with his first round knockout win.

The Haymaker has made a dramatic return to the ring, winning his comeback fight in less than a round.

Fellow Brit - and star of Rocky spin-off Creed - Tony Bellew has revealed he fancies his chances against the big-punching Londoner. I am going to make a serious run at this division.

It will take someone like me to clean it up. Would he like to fight Tyson Fury? However, Carl Froch - another former world champion - was among those impressed by what he saw from the returning heavyweight.

David Haye speaks to Dave TV about his long-awaited return: I would like to thank each and every fan that have come out. I assumed a lot of people would have given up on me.

I have spent two years re-habbing this shoulder. The fight lasted just over two minutes, in which Haye was the only fighter who threw a punch of any consequence.

Haye has a much-needed win and will surely set his sights on bigger things now. A series of clubbing right hands from Haye and his Australian opponent is unable to take the barrage of hits.

De Mori slumps to the canvas and shows no signs of getting up. Welcome back, David Haye! He gets a big cheer as he emerges from the underbelly of the O2 and into full view of this capacity crowd.

His self-imposed exile is moments away from ending. The Londoner will be looking to finish the contest with his vaunted Hayemaker, which has prematurely ended many of his fights.

For all modern day British heavyweights, Lennox Lewis is the yardstick by which they measure themselves. Lennox, of course, reigned as the undisputed heavyweight champion around the turn of the century, beating the likes of Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson during his career.

There are plenty of big-name stars sat in the arena, including Chris Eubank Jr, who has been giving interviews ahead of the main event.

He said too, that he would have returned to the sport earlier had he been in sufficiently good enough shape.

And Haye reiterated that his desire is to regain the heavyweight championship. That journey starts now.

David Haye was as well known for his outspoken nature as his punching power at the height of his career. But at 35, and having enduring a three-year lay-off from the sport, the Haymaker claims to be a changed man.

Briton bulks up for heavyweight return. David Haye v Mark de Mori Venue: Live text commentary on the BBC Sport website. Boxing England Read more on Boxing England.

Boxing Scotland Read more on Boxing Scotland. Boxing Ireland Read more on Boxing Ireland. Boxing Wales Read more on Boxing Wales. The stance is similar to that of famous American boxers from De Mori's childhood that he attempts to replicate.

The stance, which has proven successful, has angered previous opponents. In , De Mori signed a three-year deal with prominent boxing promoter Don King.

King cited "youth and exciting style" as the reason he put faith in De Mori, as he slowly worked his way up the ranks. Mahone had been the favourite heading into the fight but was worn down by De Mori's 'jab and move' approach.

In , De Mori won a further two US fights, both by knockout as a result of body blows, ranking him the number 17 heavyweight in the world by the World Boxing Council and further increasing global interest in his potential as a heavyweight contender.

Many promoters and managers now took inevitable interest in De Mori as his power was almost unprecedented.

On 24 November it was announced at a press conference that De Mori would be the comeback opponent of former heavyweight champion David Haye.

Haye, set up the finish with huge overhand right and De Mori was unconscious before he hit the canvas with 49 seconds left in the round. King reportedly had De Mori as the next challenger for Stiverne prior to his defeat to Deontay Wilder in January , and according to De Mori this was the reason for his contract release.

David haye vs mark de mori -

Haye schlaegt ihn Pove sxhlaegt ihn Wilder schlaegt ihn Ortiz schlaegt ihn Joshua bald auch und wer weiss wer nicht noch alles. Es kam ,wie es kommen musste. Besser geht es nicht. Sehen wir den besten Drew Brees? Ortiz wirklich bewerten zu können, denn Haye hat am Samstag nicht viel gezeigt oder zeigen können. DeMori war dagegen extrem statisch und man könnte tatsächlich vermuten, dass der Kampf gekauft war. Der Besitzer von The Fan. Seine Fangemeinde wird es freuen. Da war er auch früh konditionel am abbauen. Bei diesen Summen lässt niemand den Kampf sausen. Sollte eigentlich jeder Blinde gesehen haben. Ad 3 welches Idol? Danach folgte das Duell gegen Dereck Chisora, welches er in der 5. Auch was den nächsten Gegner von David Haye anbelangt. Ihr solltet jetzt schon mal eure Wertsachen verkaufen und auf einen KO sieg wilder setzen. Man hatte den Eindruck, dass de Mori auf einen längeren Kampf eingestellt war und man sah recht deutlich, dass er nicht gerade halsbrecherisch und leichtsinnig auf Haye losging. Mir hat sich nie der Sinn dieser Aussage erschlossen, weil Haye ein genialer Schwergewichtler ist und das auch immer wieder eindrucksvoll bewiesen hat. Entgegen zahlreicher Spekulationen auch nicht verletzt. Fury nur weil er Glasskinn geschlagen hat halte nicht viel von ihm eigentlich wuerde ich lieber Stiverne auf 5 setzen. Niemand in der Boxwelt hat bisher seine Revenge an einen dritten Boxer übergeben. Aber wie sieht es mit der Kondition aus?

vs mark haye de mori david -

Nachdem er seit im Juli seinen britischen Erzfeind Dereck Chisora in der fünften Runde ausgeknockt hatte war Haye nicht mehr in den Ring gestiegen. Hayes Ringpause, ob Rückenverletzung oder nicht, spielt eigentlich keine Rolle. Selbst meine kleine cousine hat mehr punch als chisora. Er stieg auf die Ringseile und brüllte immer wieder: Ein harter Schlagabtausch ist garantiert! Seine Fangemeinde wird es freuen. Aber es ist noch wichtiger, immer nett zu sein. Aber auch seine Coolness ist phänomenal. Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Nein bin kein Wilder fan aber ich bin auch nicht verblendet und denke Fury ist ein guter Boxer weil er ein erstarrtes Chicken geschlagen hat der sowieso nur ein Fakechamp war. The year-old claims to have been in fine shape in the gym, but he needs to prove that inside the ring. De Mori took weir deutsch in 11 fights during his time as an amateur, winning all. Mark de Mori hopes to cause an upset Mark de Mori is something of an unknown quantity tonight. The Beste Spielothek in Traunkirchen finden test, albeit against a journeyman, will come on Saturday night, of course. This one's for pride, and a quoten promi big brother towards making Haye's comeback actually worth a damn. He said on Twitter: David Haye's comeback opponent profiled". Whilst recovering, he became increasingly drawn to boxing beachvolleyball em 2019 livestream taught himself to box by watching videos and attempting to recreate the moves he saw in his father's garage. Haye's last fight was three-and-a-half years agoin the summer ofagainst Dereck Chisora. Topics David Haye The Observer. Beste Spielothek in Kriegsham finden be fair to Haye, he never officially announced his retirement.

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